The Big One

7 Nov

We will be in Molly Malone (just off Zeedijk) on Sunday for the Big One…..


4 Nov

We are back at O’Reilly’s Thursday night for the Europa League game against Anderlecht. We will try to capture our room behind the bar. For anyone interested, will probably be there early to watch the Ajax game at 7.

Villa at home

1 Nov

Its our first Monday night game of the season, not handy when you have a Thursday night game as well. We will be watching it in O’Reilly’s behind the Dam. We will try to get our usual place in the room behind the bar (not at the one at the back of the pub).


30 Sep

It’s Liverpool for the early game on Saturday. We are heading for The Aran on Max Euwenplein which is close to Leidseplein. Hope to see you all there.

Man City game

25 Sep

We are in the Tara on Rokin early on Saturday for the Man City game. See ya all there!

Love thy neighbour

22 Sep

We are getting a visit from our lovely neighbours Wednesday night and we will be in O’Relly’s to watch what promises to be a spectacle. Join us at 8.

Everton game

27 Aug

Our game against Everton on Saturday is the late one. We will be in O’Reilly’s behind the palace on the Dam to watch it. Hope to see as many of you there as possible.


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