Lokomotiv Plovdiv Away

16 Sep

Strange game to find on TV here in The Netherlands but we’ll be going to Cocos Outback on Rembrandtplein. Kick-off a spritely 18:00.

Everton in N17

9 Sep

A september kick off for the premier league and we’re going to be starting what will no doubt also be an odd season against Everton on Sunday. We’re meeting in Regular and Jack’s for the 17:30 kickoff. Obey all the COVID rules.

Blades Away

1 Jul

We’ll be in Regular and Jack for the game this week at 19:00. If you’re coming let us know. Obey all Dutch COVID-19 rules

Cycling and Running shirts from Amsterdam Spurs

29 Apr

Amsterdam Spurs not only watch football together and go to matches, but we also are dedicated athletes (well sometimes). Nonetheless, we have designed some a cycling shirt and a running shirt which are now available for order. These are custom made by a company here in The Netherlands and have been branded with Amsterdam Spurs logos. Each shirt is having an involutary 2.50 EUR added as a donation to Noah’s Ark Foundation in North London.

Each shirt has White Hart Lane, N17 on the right arm, and the three St Andrew’s Crosses from the coat of arms of Amsterdam on the left arm. On the reverse is our club logo, 1882 (for obvious reasons) and “the Game is about Glory” on the back. Additionally, the cycling shirts have three pockets on the back.

Cycling shirts:

35 EUR + 2.50 EUR donation per shirt

Running shirts:

25 EUR + 2.50 EUR donation per shirt

Postage is not included and is indicatively below:

NL: Pick up from chairman’s house/ or on a Spurs matchday in Amsterdam (when football restarts): Free

NL with track and trace: 5.00 EUR

UK: 8.50 EUR

UK with track and trace: 13.50 EUR


USA with track and trace: 25.50 EUR

The size chart is available here (both shirts use the same size chart):


If you would like one please email amsterdamspurskit@gmail.com detailing what shirt you would like to order, which size, and then the person coordinating this will email you their bank details. No order will be accepted without payment and payment transfer confirmation.

This is a labour of love not a commercial enterprise so please bear it in mind 😊

One Team – One Amsterdam Spurs

17 Mar

Dear all, in these rather unexpected times, remember that all of us here meet-up, virtually, in-person, at White Hart Lane or at an away day because we are all supporters of Spurs.

We’re all part of the same team, and in the next few weeks everyone is going to have to act as a team with their family, friends, loved ones, neighbours, and people you don’t even know yet.

Our supporters club and all of it’s members are part of this team. In the next few weeks, whilst we hope it may not be necessary, the commitee of Amsterdam Spurs would like to ask us all to pull together and if anything is needed by anyone, let’s use each other. Send a message to the Whatsapp group, post something on social media, give someone a call, wear your Spurs shirt and reach out.

Soon enough, we’ll be groaning at a missed goal, the wrong formation, or yet another injury, but for now Come On You Amsterdam Spurs

Burnley Away

5 Mar

We’re all a little downheartened but the show must go on, we’ll be in Regular and Jack for the Burnley match, upstairs in our spot on Saturday evening.

Norwich and the cup

2 Mar

We will be in O’Reilly’s for the game on Wednesday at 20:45 against Norwich in the FA Cup


27 Feb

On Sunday against Wolves we’re not on a lot of TV channels, plus on at the same time as a number of big games and during build up to the league cup final . So if you want to watch it, head to Regular and Jack in the downstairs area (it will be a stream, without sound).

Normal service to resume next week against Norwich

Chelsea away

20 Feb

We’ll be at Regular and Jack for this one at 13:30 on Saturday. If you’re a stiker, please get on the team bus and head to Stamford Bridge though

Redbull Leipzig

18 Feb

A combo of people being on vacation, being at the game, late February weather on a schoolnight being on domestic TV, means that we won’t be hosting a meetup for Spurs v RB Leipzig. If you fancy a pub, we recommend Regular and Jack or O’Reilly’s