2019-2020 Fox Hunting Season Commences

19 Sep

Leicester away, and we’ll be in O’Reilly’s for the match at 13:30 NL time on Saturday. For those who haven’t been before, it is on Paleisstraat just behind Dam Square

Champions League is Back, Olympiakos Away

17 Sep

Olympiakos away, hoping it’s not a Greek Tragedy. We’ll be meeting at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub for 18:55 local time on Wednesday evening.

Crystal Palace

11 Sep

We play Crystal Palace and it’s one of those games that is a little harder to track down on TV. A new bar will be our destination this weekend, Regular&Jack‘s which is at Vijzelstraat 37
1017 HD, will have the game on at 16:00 on Saturday. Likely we will be upstairs in this bar. It’s our first visit there – so let’s see !

North London Derby

29 Aug

Arsenal away – big game and it’s the late one on Sunday. Come join us in O’Reilly’s for the match at 17:30

Magpies Visit

22 Aug

We’ll be in O’Reilly’s for the game against Newcastle. 17:30 kick off and as always it’s a good idea to be there a bit earlier. Buy a beer, have a Sunday Roast.

Manchester City Away

15 Aug

We’re up against an early season test – Manchester City away. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s to support the team from about 18:15

Premier League is Back – Villa at White Hart Lane

6 Aug

The Premier League is back with a game against Villa at White Hart Lane. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s in the snug bar and expect a fairly large turn out so get down there for the 18:30 kick off.