2 Dec

​It’s a tricky one on Saturday.  Swansea home is not the most difficult fixture of the season but it is not on any regular channel and it clashes with the kin 🏉 and El Classico in Spain. I am hoping that we can watch in the Gouden Florijn on Rozengracht but keep your eye on the Facebook page for any last minute changes. Should know by around 15.00.

Monaco game

21 Nov

​For those who did not fancy escaping this weather a couple of days for the French Riviera, there’s always O’Reilly’s Tuesday night in the snug……

Monaco Away

21 Nov

For those of you who have not yet signed up to stay on the club yacht in Monaco harbour sadly it’s too late, apparently there are still rooms at the Monte Carlo so you may want to try there.

Failing that, for those in Amsterdam, we’ll be in O’Reilly’s from about 20:30 with the kick off at 20:45 for the Champions League game against Monaco.

West Ham 

18 Nov

​It’s that time again. Saturday’s game is against our friendly neighbour from East London,  West Ham United.  Should be a good game so join us in the snug bar in O’Reilly’s from around 18.15 onwards.


6 Nov

The bigun against the unmentionables on Sunday.  We’ll be in O’Reilly’s as from 12.30.  Be there! COYS 

Leverkusen at Wembley 

1 Nov

For the few unfortunate ones left behind, the game on Wednesday against Bayer Leverkusen will be watched in O’Reilly’s.  In the snug bar from 20.45.

Leicester home

28 Oct

It’s back to the league on Saturday and against lucky Leicester (though not so lucky this season).  We will be in O’Reilly’s from 16.00