Swansea cup game

17 Mar

For those brave enough to take on the cold and, probably even more challenging, a packed Irish pub on St Patrick’s Day, we will be watching the Swansea game in O’Reilly’s. If it’s too packed, there is a Plan B, and that is to pay Nicole a visit in De Gouden Florijn on Rozengracht.

Bournemouth away

10 Mar

It’s a vital game at Bournemouth for us on Sunday. We’ll be in the snug bar in O’Reilly’s on Sunday, licking the wounds from Wednesday as well.

Some Old Bird Visits Wembley – Juventus in the Champions League

6 Mar

Juventus come for the return leg at Wembley and this game is massive. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s for the kick off at 20:45, meeting of course a bit earlier than that.

Huddersfield at Wembley

2 Mar

Games coming thick and fast but we seem to be doing alright with it. Next one up is our first Huddersfield home game in the league since 1974 or so. We will be watching it in the snug bar in O’Reilly’s just behind the Dam. See you there!

Dale Part Deux

26 Feb

FA Cup Replays. In the cold. In February. Just what we all need, but the pub is warm and beer is served so as they say it’s rude not to. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s pub on Paleisstraat for kick off at 20:45 on Wednesday. We’ll be in the snug as usual to watch the game against Rochdale. At least it’s at Wembley.

Eagles Away

23 Feb

Crystal Palace away this weekend and it’s also Ajax v ADO at the same time. Not a lot of people around this weekend but for those that are we’ll be in de Gouden Florijn, Rozengracht 28

The Dale

16 Feb

Spurs play in the curiously named Spotland stadium at 17:00 on Sunday vs Rochdale. With a new pitch this could be a tough game and they’ll be looking for an upset. O’Reilly’s pub for us – see you there.