Home game tickets

29 Jan

From your reactions, there is a definite preference for the Sunderland game on the last day of the season (Sunday 19th of May at 16.00 local time).

Can those of you who definitely want to go please let me know in the next week or so. I will put the order in at the end of next week for Park Lane Upper tickets (37 Pounds plus admin). Please realise that you are committing to buying the ticket and that may involve paying me or the club for the ticket when payment has to be made to Spurs. The cost is likely to be around 50 Euro per ticket. There is no guarantee that our request for tickets will be honoured and I have no influence on Spurs’ decision to allocate us the tickets or not.

Once tickets have been confirmed we will see if there are enough people interested in hiring a (mini)bus for the weekend.

Spurs and club rules are that I can only apply for Amsterdam Spurs members!

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