Visit to WHL for Man Utd game

7 Sep

Dear all,

I am planning to request tickets for Amsterdam Spurs for our home game against Man Utd. The game is on 1st December at 12:00 midday local time.

Anyone interested in joining us on this outing, please let me know by the end of Thursday (12 September). I will put the application in the next day.

Just a reminder of the rules if you do want to join:

–  You must be a paid-up member of Amsterdam Spurs

–  You must have at least a Lillywhite membership card at Tottenham

–  You can travel with the club or make your own arrangements

–  You are responsible for any overnight stay

–  There is no guarantee from either Tottenham or Amsterdam Spurs that tickets will be allocated

–  If we get our requested tickets allocated, you are unable to make any further application or your own membership card for this match



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