Fanfile – John

11 Feb

Name: John Towey

Year of Birth: 1966

Match in Amsterdam: Tottenham v Leicester City – 10 February 2019

Where are you from?
Portland, Oregon

Where do you live now?
Portland, Oregon

How long have you been a Tottenham Hotspur supporter?
Since 1980

Why did you start supporting Tottenham Hotspur?
I was living in England, in Cambridge, at the time because my father had a job over there. I had to pick a team to support, and I was watching Match of the Day one Saturday, and I was like, ah, I really like this team. There was Glenn Hoddle and Garth Crooks, too. So I just picked them. It turned out really well as it as the ’80/’81 season and they won the FA Cup. I was also a little bit of a Cambridge United fan, but everyone had their Division One team they also liked, so I picked Tottenham as mine and it just stuck.

What was the first game you went to?
Norwich City v Tottenham on Boxing Day, 1980 (I think we won 1-0 but maybe that’s just my imagination)!

(we checked, rose tinted glasses – it was 2-2 on the 27th!!)

Who is your all-time favourite player?
It has to be Glenn Hoddle.

Who is your favourite player currently?
Currently… that’s so hard to pick. But I’m going to say Christian Eriksen. Because of his creativity.

What was the best (live) game you went to?
I think it has to be versus Fulham at Wembley, this season. Just because of the overall atmosphere and everything. And we won! I’d never been to a Spurs ‘home’ game before, so that was also a big thing for me. I would’ve loved to have gone to White Hart Lane at some point, but never had the chance. Hopefully I’ll get to the new one someday…

What was the best goal you’ve ever seen?
If you mean live goal then it would have to be one from the Fulham match. Trippier’s free-kick.

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