Fanfile – Mark

2 Mar

Name: Mark Todd

Year of Birth: 1992

Match in Amsterdam: Tottenham v Leicester City – 10 February 2019

Where are you from?
Graves End, Kent.

Where do you live now?
At the moment still Graves End, but next week I’m moving to London.

How long have you been a Tottenham Hotspur supporter?
All my life.

Why did you start supporting Tottenham Hotspur?
All my family are Tottenham fans. My granddad used to live in Tottenham when he was a boy, when he was really little kid during the war, and after that, everyone in the family supported Tottenham ever since.

What was the first game you went to?
We played Bolton at home and I was about 14, I reckon. So it was about 2006. I think we won 1-0, but I can’t remember who scored.

Who is your all-time favourite player?
I can still remember, as a kid, my dad taping Match of the Day and when we beat Wimbledon 6-2 and David Ginola in that game was absolutely fantastic. So, yeah, I think probably David Ginola is number one. As a kid, to watch him play, it was just amazing!

Who is your favourite player currently?
Son. Definitely. Because he’s stepped up since Harry Kane’s been out, so he’s doing us proud and getting us through… and we’re still in the running for the title, so definitely Son right now.

What was the best (live) game you went to?
Last year for Simon’s (Wilson) birthday, we went to Tottenham v Arsenal at the Lane. When we beat them 1-0. That was a good one. I really enjoyed that one. But we missed the goal; we were too busy getting beers, so I can’t remember who scored! Just after halftime, it was.

What was the best goal you’ve ever seen?
I like David Bentley’s free-kick, when he hit the bar and then hit the keeper on the back and went in. Was it against Wigan? We beat them by about 8 goals or whatever. I think that was a good one.

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