Fanfile – Jay

5 Mar

Name: Jay Latima

Year of Birth: 1976

Match in Amsterdam:Burnley v Tottenham – 23 February 2019

Where are you from?
Lincoln, Nebraska

Where do you live now?
Lincoln, Nebraska

How long have you been a Tottenham Hotspur supporter?
Since 1993.

Why did you start supporting Tottenham Hotspur?
I was stuck in Gatwick Airport for two days and an older man told me all about his love for Spurs. So I committed to him and start supporting Spurs. And now in the US every match is on telly since 2010.

What was the first game you went to?
Tottenham v Leicester at White Hart Lane. It was 4-3 in 2015.

Who is your all-time favourite player?
Jürgen Klinsmann. You know when I started supporting Spurs, I went to the ’94 World Cup and saw Jürgen Klinsmann for Germany versus South Korea and just thought, ‘that’s my boy!’

Who is your favourite player currently?
Sonny because he makes you smile, just like Spurs!

What was the best (live) game you went to?
The best live game was probably the Leicester game. But the other live game that I went to was against Southampton in 2017 and I’ve also seen Spurs versus a Major League Soccer All-star game in Denver Colorado. It was a friendly match and I think the All-stars won 2-1, but Harry Kane hit a screamer from 25 yards!

What was the best goal you’ve ever seen?
I think Harry’s screamer in the All-star game.

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