Spurs In Amsterdam – Our Guide……..

3 May

Tottenham in Amsterdam – An Update from Amsterdam Spurs

Although Tottenham lost by one goal in N17 the second leg of the Champions League is almost upon us with a chance for both a great match for either team to progress to the final in Madrid. Many people have visited Amsterdam before and have experienced the city in all it’s glory, so we will forego the tourist guide and answer the most frequent questions below. Enjoy your time in Amsterdam, stay safe and may the best team win.

We hear there is a Spurs Legends night in Amsterdam, where is this and how do I get to go?

Amsterdam Spurs are indeed hosting a Legends night on Tuesday the 7th of May at 19:30. This is a ticket only event, and tickets MUST be bought in advance and are available online here costing just €11.20.

At this event, Spurs Legends Graham Roberts and Clive Allen will be present sharing with us stories from their playing days, hosting a Q&A and of course there will be ample opportunities for photos with these two legendary Spurs ex-players. There will be a full bar in operation and it promises to be a great evening and offer a chance for you to spend the evening with Spurs and Ajax fans prior to the game.

The event will be held at Boom Chicago, Rozengracht 117, with doors opening at 19:30 for a start at 20:00.

The event is being held with charity in mind, with any profits being donated to charity. If you need any questions that night, ask one of the Amsterdam Spurs crew who will be there and very recognizable.

Can we get you a ticket to the match?

No. Please consult the Tottenham Hotspur website if you are a Spurs fan and the Ajax website if you are an Ajax fan. Tickets for this are extremely limited and should be purchased through official channels.


Additionally, no, we can’t get you any tickets to the game (in case you were wondering still). Asking us won’t help either! 

Will there be any big screens up or Fanzones in Amsterdam?

As far as we understand at the moment there will not, and this decision has been made by the Mayor of Amsterdam. There have been some reports of big screens being placed on Museumplein but this has been confirmed as being inaccurate.

What pubs are the “Spurs” pubs for the match?

We have been in touch with most of our regular pubs, and as far as we know, there will be no designated Spurs only pubs in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has several football clubs, but for the top division (De Eredivisie and Champions League) it is a one club city so expect many of the bars to be full of locals cheering on their team to win.

However, the game is on Dutch and British television, so will be widely televised in nearly every bar that has sport on. Ex-pat pubs that we have frequented before that will certainly be showing the game include The Tara, O’Reilly’s. Please be sure to follow the advice from Spurs on the website that was updated yesterday as Rembrandtplein is now going to be very full of Ajax fans. Additionally, there will be numerous bars (as many people will be in that area anyway) in the Red Light District and near Centraal Station that will have the match on.

Around the stadium itself there is very very limited (meaning zero) options for viewing the match and it would be recommended you stay in the centre of the city to watch the game.

Where will Amsterdam Spurs be watching the game?

As previously mentioned, we will be holding no formal booking of any pub or bar. Amsterdam Spurs has many members who are Ajax Season Ticket holders, so a lot of people will be at the match itself. Some of our members will be watching in O’Reilly’s Irish Pub, however, we will not be hosting an official meetup and we will not be reserving any area of the pub for non-members of Amsterdam Spurs. This has been discussed with the management of the pub and whilst you would be welcome to watch the match there and enjoy the action, there will be many regulars visitors to the bar there who go each week so we would ask you to respect that.

Additionally, we will not be attending the match in Cocos Outback on Rembrandtplein, as they have indicated to us they will be very busy already.

How can we contact you if we have any further questions?

The best way is Twitter (twitter.com/AmsterdamSpurs) or Facebook (facebook.com/AmsterdamSpurs). The day of the match itself, we will be less likely to respond to any questions, so contact before that would be ideal.

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