Amsterdam Spurs AGM and Southampton and Scarves and Other Things (probably)

26 Sep

This Saturday we will have our Annual General Meeting in O’Reilly’s Irish pub at 15:00. All members are welcome, but we’ve only booked the snug due to the people who have RSVP’d.

a) If you want to vote on any items as per the agenda that will be sent and cannot attend, please tell the committee if you would like to proxy your vote to someone. An email must be sent on this as a point of record

b) Agenda will be sent by Saturday morning of the agenda topics to all members on our membership list via email. Submission of agenda items is now closed and anything else can be taken in the Any Other Business section of the meeting

c) The meeting will be an hour or less with follow ups planned as necessary

d) Actions will be captured an written down and distributed afterwards

e) A sign-in sheet will be there – please fill it in.

f) Visitors welcome to watch the match afterwards with us, and even, if there is space, be in the AGM, but, you can’t vote.

Following the meeting we will distribute the scarves to people who have ordered them and who show up. Please let know if you are attending and will definitely be picking up your scarf.

Following that we may actually decide it’s time to watch Spurs play football. It’s on Ziggo so will be on – with kickoff at 16:00 local time

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