Chairman Emeritus – Rob Ahlers

7 Oct

As discussed in the AGM recently, it has been decided by those attending that Rob Ahlers has been nominated as Chairman Emeritus. Rob has been instrumental for many years in running Amsterdam Spurs before, as a personal decision, he decided to step down in summer 2019. Rob in fact has membership number 1, at least at one point, being a youthful Spurs supporting young man in Amsterdam (some time ago now) as you can see in the picture below.

Whilst he has passed the baton of his many roles within Amsterdam Spurs to the new committee members, everyone would like to thank him for this hard work and dedication in his efforts to make it what is today. He formed links with the club itself, created the blog this is now being posted on, sorted out many a request for visitors to find out where we’re watching the game, tickets for members who needed help, and been the right kind of guy to have a pint with.

Thanks Rob, see you for a game soon in the pub or at White Hart Lane – From All at Amsterdam Spurs.

One Response to “Chairman Emeritus – Rob Ahlers”

  1. Barry Freeman October 8, 2019 at 10:00 am #

    Now I understand what you partially told me in Tierneys.

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