One Team – One Amsterdam Spurs

17 Mar

Dear all, in these rather unexpected times, remember that all of us here meet-up, virtually, in-person, at White Hart Lane or at an away day because we are all supporters of Spurs.

We’re all part of the same team, and in the next few weeks everyone is going to have to act as a team with their family, friends, loved ones, neighbours, and people you don’t even know yet.

Our supporters club and all of it’s members are part of this team. In the next few weeks, whilst we hope it may not be necessary, the commitee of Amsterdam Spurs would like to ask us all to pull together and if anything is needed by anyone, let’s use each other. Send a message to the Whatsapp group, post something on social media, give someone a call, wear your Spurs shirt and reach out.

Soon enough, we’ll be groaning at a missed goal, the wrong formation, or yet another injury, but for now Come On You Amsterdam Spurs

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