The Amsterdam Spurs Supporters Club Statement on the Proposed European Soccer League

20 Apr

We, The Amsterdam Spurs Supporters Club, feel like the values and competitive spirit of the club are not being met with entry to the “European Super League”.

This rogue league embodies all things that are currently wrong with the fantastic game of football.  The love and passion that the fans have for the club and game are being sold, as owners and board members want to generate more money for themselves. This is not what we believe football should be about and we will not stand for it.

One of the moments that prove that beauty and spirit surrounding the game came in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Due to the current pandemic, Marine AFC missed out to sell out their ground and all the merchandise to go with it. For a club like Marine, this was the much needed finance to keep the future of the club safe for a few seasons. Jamie Carragher sponsored the match and Spurs fans bought virtual tickets to help this club in need.

Another one is that our neighbor, Leyton Orient, was also struggling with their finances. Once again that spirit was shown by fans and Harry Kane, all chipping in to ensure their existence.

For these reasons we feel very strongly that the club should rethink its stance on this subject.

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