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16 Oct

This weekend is West Ham away. It’s not on Ziggo but it is on Sky Sports Ireland, so we’ll be in O’Reilly’s as per usual. Kick off 16:00 on Saturday

PSV Away – Planning…..

9 Oct

The PSV away game is upcoming, and as this is a game in The Netherlands and the fact that there are many people who booked travel but tickets are hard to come by, we’ve been asked a lot where we will be and what is going on in Amsterdam for it. If you are intending to come and/or be about to watch the match with us, can you drop us a private message so we can ascertain numbers so we can get the right venue……. or at least the right space in the right venue.


5 Oct

Cardiff game on Saturday – We’ll be in O’Reilly’s Irish pub from about 1545 for the kick off at 1600


1 Oct

The Catalans visit this Wednesday. It’s on in the pub. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s as per usual for the kick off at 21:00

Huddersfield match

29 Sep

Change of plan, turns out O’Reilly’s has it on so we’ll be going there for the game today. Sky Sports Ireland apparently…..

Huddersfield game

28 Sep

Every season there are a few games that are not or barely covered by TV channels. Saturday’s game at Huddersfield at 16.00 is one such game. We are heading for the Satellite Sports Cafe on Leidseplein in the hope that they will have it on. No guarantees so what the FB page or follow the group app for any change of plans. COYS


28 Sep

Not a lot of pubs have this on, but one does – Huddersfield away. The Satellite Sports Cafe in Leidseplein this weekend has the game on and we’ll be watching the match there. Kick off is 16:00.