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Manchester City Away

15 Aug

We’re up against an early season test – Manchester City away. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s to support the team from about 18:15

Premier League is Back – Villa at White Hart Lane

6 Aug

The Premier League is back with a game against Villa at White Hart Lane. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s in the snug bar and expect a fairly large turn out so get down there for the 18:30 kick off.

Amsterdam Spurs Scarves

2 Aug

We’re looking to get some scarves made. Probably 12.50 to 15 EUR excl shipping. Please contact if you’d like one…..

Inter at WHL

2 Aug

Unfortunate timing this weekend, means that most of the pubs and bars are going to be showing the Charity Shield – plus a lot of people are on vacation. Being a pre-season match, we won’t expect a lot of people but if you want to catch the game it’s on at the Satellite Sports Cafe in Leidseplein. Kick off a somewhat strange 16:06.

So it is all about the vorsprung durch whatever

30 Jul

After beating Real Madrid glory is ours. Maybe. Tomorrow. Preseason. It’s the Audi Cup Final against someone else who is probably equally ambivalent. We will be in O’Reilly’s for the kick off at 20:30. See you there, or see you equally…. ambivalent 🙂 Glory Glory nights in europe.

It’s Not All About Your Vorsprung Durch Technik You Know

28 Jul

Real Madrid – the Audi Cup, guess you win an Audi! We’ll be in O’Reilly’s for the match at 18:00. Pre-season almost over, let’s support the team for the second last game.

Man Utd in Pre-season

22 Jul

Man Utd in the second match of the “ICC Campaign”, which has sort of become the pre-season warm-up for us now. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s for a 13:30 kickoff on Thursday