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Spurs in Amsterdam

21 Apr

The 8th of May is fast approaching and we’ll be playing Ajax here in Amsterdam. Many of you have visited us before and many of you guys are also both Spurs and Ajax fans. Therefore we expect a friendly atmosphere and look forward to a competitive fixture both home and away. The information below will be updated in the next few days as we know more information/proceed with our plans.

Tickets for the game at the Arena:

Unfortunately we can’t help you with tickets, nor with supplying you addresses for registering for an Ajax club card. Regarding how Tottenham will be selling tickets please keep an eye on the Tottenham website. 

Pubs for watching the game in:

We are in contact with all of our regular pubs here in Amsterdam to find the right sort of location. With the number of expected fans we are in contact with several pubs although this has to be cleared prior to communication with their managers/owners. Many people have visited us before so know our regular places, but, they may be different for this match. As an important note, we will not be hosting a meetup in O’Reilly’s. We have discussed this with them and this is the conclusion. Additionally, Cocos Outback in Rembrandtplein also will not be hosting an official meetup. More information on where we will be is to follow.

Will Amsterdam Spurs be doing something with Spurs officially, or a Legends Night?

The answer to this is, maybe. We are in contact with Tottenham and in contact with several venues to look at an event. This is likely to be organized as an Amsterdam Spurs hosted event (with no official endorsment). If we do it, it will be the night before the game (so on the 7th of May) and a ticket only event.

How to Contact Us:

Please find us on Twitter or Facebook as the primary communication channels.

City again

19 Apr

City again this weekend, and whether you are over the quarter final or not, we go again at 1330 on Saturday. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s Irish Pub from a bit earlier, so see you there.

Citeh Away

15 Apr

We’ll be in O’Reilly’s – let us know if you’re in so we try and get the numbers right for the pub. Kick off 21:00 local time on Wednesday and we’ll be down a bit earlier for the Champs League match. Could be in the snug bar or the library area of the pub, come find us.

Huddersfield at home

11 Apr

It’s the early kick off at home to Huddersfield who are already down but will want to save some face. A few of us are doing a daring day trip starting at 0500 but for the rest of you it’s a 13:15 pub booking at O’Reilly’s for kick off at 13:00. Statto will be hosting and will be able to find him and other Spurs fans in the snug bar as per usual.

Fanfile – Tom

9 Apr

Tom W

Year of Birth:

Match in Amsterdam:
A regular visitor.

Where are you from?
Winterswijk, Gelderland

Where do you live now?

How long have you been a Tottenham Hotspur supporter?
Since 30 October 2011.

Why did you start supporting Tottenham Hotspur?
I’d always wanted to visit some matches in England since I was very young. And it was kind of randomly back then that it was a Spurs match that was my first English match to visit. I wanted to experience the pure atmosphere at an English game, and I preferred to travel to London. I wanted to visit a Premier League match and Arsenal I didn’t like already back then, and same for Chelsea and for West Ham I was neutral. So I just gave it a try at Tottenham… but at the same time it was as though I’d got infected with some kind of virus!

What was the first game you went to?
It was on 30 October 2011, a home game against QPR (Queens Park Rangers) at White Hart Lane. The score was 3-1 Spurs. I think Bale scored twice and Van der Vaart got the other.

Who is your all-time favourite player?
All time is hard to say, seeing as I’ve only followed Spurs since 2011, but I would say Kane.

Who is your favourite player currently?
For this moment, maybe Son. I mean, I’m quite impressed by the way he performs. All the effort he puts in for Spurs, so many games, he’s always there, he never complains about what he needs to do, about which position. You know, he really sacrifices himself for the team, and that’s something that I can really appreciate.

What was the best (live) game you went to?
That was against Arsenal. In February 2015. This was my first and so far only north London derby. I went there with a friend of mine – to White Hart Land – and we won 2-1. So at half-time it was one nil Arsenal (I think Ozil scored) and in the second half, Kane scored twice… I think once in the 65 minute, the equaliser, and then just before the end of the game, the winning header! And he ran to the East Stand, where I was sitting and celebrated. So, yeah, this is definitely the best match I’ve ever been to in a stadium.

What was the best goal you’ve ever seen?
Live? Probably Kane’s header against Arsenal.

City at The Lane

8 Apr

Is it still allowed to be called The Lane? Who knows. City are coming to N17 though on Tuesday as Champions League returns. Some of us are at the ground with a good number of us at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub just off Paleisstraat in the centre of Amsterdam. See you there.

Give us a follow….

5 Apr

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