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Wolves, Chelsea, Brighton, Norwich, Southampton and the New Year's Borrel

10 Dec

Christmas and New Year is fast approaching and many people will be on vacation and spending time with their families. As many of our members will be away, we will be meeting for some matches, not meeting for others, and also just finding pubs but not booking for others. A lot of us will also be at the games themselves, so look out if you’re in the WhatsApp group and/or look out for us at WHL. The below list comprises the plan:

Wolves 1500 15/12 : This is not on in any bar or any of the regular or irregular venues. We will not meet up for this

Chelsea 17:30 22/12 : O’Reilly’s (will be booked)

Brighton 13:30 26/12 : No Meetup

Norwich 18:30 28/12: TBC (venue will be suggested, not booked – keep an eye out online)

Southampton 16:00 1/1: TBC (venue will be suggested, not booked – keep an eye out online)

We will definitely be watching the Boro FA Cup match.

Two other topics:

  1. The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice holiday toy drive is still open. If you’d like to buy a gift you can do so here: . Please order by 17/12 to ensure it can be delivered on time.
  2. We are having our first annual New Years Borrel (for the non-Dutch among us, this will be a small cosy party) for members and guests on the 11th of January). This will be before the Liverpool game. We will be at Regular and Jack and please confirm your attendance with Tom at

Bayern Munich Away

9 Dec

Hopefully it’s better than last time – we’ll be in O’Reilly’s for the mid-week game at 21:00 on Wednesday.


6 Dec

Tough match to find on TV so it will be a stream and we will be in Regular and Jack’s near Rembrandtplein for the game at 16:00 on Saturday.

Man Utd Away

2 Dec

Jose goes back to Man Utd, we go back to Regular and Jack for the game on Wednesday evening. Upstairs in our normal spot.

Cherry Picking

28 Nov

A south coast side visit Tottenham and although it’s a tough match to find on TV we have got the folks in O’Reilly’s to get it for us. 16:00 kick off so meet just before.

A Greek Encounter

25 Nov

Up next is Olympiakos in N17. We’ll be in Regular and Jack for the match, probably upstairs in the bar, for the kick off at 21:00 on Tuesday #COYS #ChampionsLeague

West Ham Away

21 Nov

New Manager new times, same pubs in Amsterdam. Kick off 13:30 and we’ll be in O’Reilly’s this time for the match on Saturday. See you there.