North London Derby

16 Nov

One of the big ones of the season. We love to hate it hate to love it, but we’re off to play at the Woolwich Wanderers and will be meeting in O’Reilly’s behind Dam Square for the game. Kick off at 1330, but it’s a big day of sport, so best to aim for a bit earlier.

Bird Fight – Spurs v Palace

3 Nov

Chickens vs Eagles this weekend as Crystal Palace come to visit Wembley. We will be in O’Reilly’s this weekend and it’s the early kick off at 1300 and around 1230 we’ll be meeting.

Real Madrid at Wembley

31 Oct

Real Madrid come to visit on Wednesday and we’ll be at O’Reilly’s for this one from about 20:15

Man Utd Away

27 Oct

Man Utd away and it’s a big game and it’s also the early kick off. We’ll be back in the snug bar in O’Reilly’s behind Dam Square. It will be a good turn out and a good result we hope! See you there.

West Ham in the Carabao cup

24 Oct

On Wednesday we play West Ham in the Carabao cup and we will be in the Gouden Florijn on Rozengracht. See you down there.

Scousers in the snug on Sunday

20 Oct

After Kim-Jong Lloyd destroyed the light fittings the other day with his small flag, we’re going back to see if they’ve fixed them. So we’ll be watching the Liverpool match in O’Reilly’s on Sunday and probably we’ll go somewhere else for the mid-week game against West Ham. It’s just behind Dam Square if you are a visitor. Maybe next door for the Ajax game first. The Liverpool game is a 1700 kick off so probably we will be there at about 1630.

Real Madrid

16 Oct

If you’re going to be in Europe you want to play the big sides and they don’t get much bigger than this. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s at the back of Dam Square on Tuesday evening to catch the game