19 Jan

Lively footy day coming up on Sunday. First there is Ajax v Feyenoord and then our game at Southampton soon thereafter. For those not going to the Arena, we will watch that one at Nico’s and then rush to O’Reilly’s where we have the snug bar booked for our game. See you there!

Everton @ Wembley

12 Jan

Time for some toffee at Wembley this weekend for an 18:30 kick off against Everton. Our illustrious leader/club chairman/evil overlord has returned from his global wanderings and is back to welcome all and sundry to the Snug bar in O’Reilly’s pub behind Dam Square. We’ll be there a bit earlier, so come along to watch the game.

West Ham at Wembley

3 Jan

The second game in almost as many days and West Ham visit Wembley. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s Irish pub at the back of Dam Square from about 20:30 on Thursday – there should be a good turn out so see you there.

Swansea Away

1 Jan

A couple of games in quick succession starting with Swansea away on Tuesday evening at 20:45. We’ll be resuming normal service and going to O’Reilly’s pub to catch the game from about 20:00


Kind of a winter break

18 Dec

Many people are leaving Amsterdam for Christmas/New Year, and/or going to the matches in this period. Therefore it’s not very likely we will be meeting up en masse so will be “enjoying a winter break”. O’Reilly’s has the Burnley game (on Saturday 23rd), the Southampton game (26th) and Swansea (2nd) – so it will probably be the Swansea game we meet for next but go there if you need your fix.

A match against the Sky Blues of Manchester

14 Dec

A big match against Manchester City this weekend, we’ll be in O’Reilly’s in the snug bar. This pub is behind Dam Square on Paleisstraat and we’ll be there from around 18:00

Amsterdam Spurs in the News (kinda)

14 Dec

Not the greatest scan ever but here is a feature on us from the official program from the club for the West Brom game.