Chelsea away

20 Feb

We’ll be at Regular and Jack for this one at 13:30 on Saturday. If you’re a stiker, please get on the team bus and head to Stamford Bridge though

Redbull Leipzig

18 Feb

A combo of people being on vacation, being at the game, late February weather on a schoolnight being on domestic TV, means that we won’t be hosting a meetup for Spurs v RB Leipzig. If you fancy a pub, we recommend Regular and Jack or O’Reilly’s

Villa Away

12 Feb

Villa away on Sunday and we will be in O’Reilly’s Irish pub for the game just behind Dam Square.

Southampton FA Cup Replay

4 Feb

Southampton again, FA Cup Replay again, O’Reilly’s is where we will be. Again.

Manchester City

2 Feb

For the Man City game on Sunday we’ll be at Regular and Jack for the match. We’ll be probably watching the Six Nations before the game also. 17:30 kick off for the Spurs City game

New run of the hoodies…..

26 Jan

If you’d like one of our hoodies let us know at – 35 EUR plus shipping.


The Romance of the Cup

23 Jan

FA Cup fourth round this weekend, and Southampton away. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s Irish pub for the game on Saturday

Hornets Away

16 Jan

This weekend we are away at Watford. We’ll be in O’Reilly’s and kick off is a sprightly 13:30

Boro FA Cup Replay

12 Jan

It’s Boro again for the FA Cup replay, we’ll be in O’Reilly’s for this one kic k off 21:05 local.

FA Cup Boro

3 Jan

We’ll be in O’Reilly’s on Sunday to watch this. Kick off at 15:01 local time